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The power of Interval Training on a safe cushion of Air

with the X-Step H.I.T Program!

The X Step H.I.T. Program is designed to take your fitness and fat loss to a new level without spending extra time working out! It can help improve your overall cardiovascular fitness, endurance and fat loss in a challenging and enjoyable new way!

High Intensity Training (H.I.T.) is short bursts of intense exercises separated by brief recovery breaks. While research has proven this type of training to be very effective, it can be extremely demanding on the body. Especially for the average individual who hasn’t exercised in a while or overweight to begin with.

But now for the first time ever, Fitness Expert Brenda DyGraf, and Personal Trainer/Tennis Professional Ignacio Monsalve have created a way for you to receive the benefits of H.I.T. without the excessive “wear and tear” on your body!

It’s called the X-Step (H.I.T) Program!

They’ve developed High Intensity Training moves that can be performed on the brand new X-Step to bring you the power of interval training on a safe cushion of air!

Now, instead of pounding the pavement, their new X-Step H.I.T Program combines short intervals of maximum intensity exercise with longer intervals of low to moderate rest periods while working ‘on, off and all around’ the X-Step.

This unique choreography combines various foot patters, resistance cable workouts, and strength training moves to improve your overall appearance and enhance your performance for any sport or activity like tennis, biking or climbing.

And because the new X-Step H.I.T. Program is developed to be an aerobic and anaerobic workout, your metabolism remains higher even after your exercise session is finished. This metabolic boost increases the amount of calories you use for energy allowing you to improve your fat burning capacity.

If you have any doubts or concerns about your overall health and ability to exercise, always check with your medical professional before trying H.I.T. or any other exercise program. You can earn more about the X-Step or purchase it here…

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Windermere Exercise creates health and fitness products that change people’s lives. We’re not just talking about it. We’re doing it.

For the past 25 years, Windermere Exercise’s co-founders, Brenda DyGraf, U.S. Aerobic Champion and William Cameron have been responsible for empowering, moving and changing the health of people globally.

A short list of our life-changing products we and our partners have brought to the world include; the SuperStep, Gravity Edge, Ab Roller Plus, Revolution Cycle, Instride Walker, Lateral Thigh Trainer, Top 10 Trainer, Extender and the highly successful AirClimber family of products, featuring our new X-Step System with High Intensity Training (H.I.T.) techniques.

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Ignacio Monsalve appointed Director of Elite Tennis, Sports Training & Consumer Products

Windermere Exercise Company (“WEC”) announces that Mr. Ignacio Monsalve, the former Professional Tennis Player and veteran coach for Johnson & Johnson’s Human Performance Institute (“HPI”), will lead its tennis and fitness product expansion efforts, primarily focused on the development of health and exercise products sold on the Home Shopping Network (“HSN”), as well as via the web and retail outlets worldwide.

Mr. Monsalve, who created and developed WEC’s successful X-Step “H.I.T” program and is responsible for providing elite Tennis and athletic coaching at HPI, will officially take the position of Director in mid-August.

To read the entire release visit Ignacio Monsalve, Director of Elite Tennis, Sports Training & Consumer Products



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