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Written by Ignacio Monsalve

X-Step H.I.T. Improves Tennis Game

The new X-Step H.I.T. Program is changing the shape of sports specific training.

Unlike running or biking, tennis is a “start and stop” sport. It causes you to change direction and balance constantly on the court. Plus to be a good tennis player it is important to be slim, fit, and fast while keeping recovery time to an absolute minimum.

That’s why if you’re an avid tennis player or just getting started, the X-Step H.I.T. Program is the way to train! My X-Step H.I.T. Program provides strength, flexibility and agility drills for developing the start/stop/change of direction neuromuscular coordination. Plus this new type of Interval training alternates low and high exercise intensities over a prolonged period of time. This enhances the efficiency of energy transfer for aerobic and anaerobic energy pathways. It mirrors and optimizes the metabolic demands experienced during a tennis match and therefore is a much more sport-specific form of training.

Interval training forms the basis for the training of all the great players, Federer, Nadal, Serena, Venus, Andy Murray, Del Potro etc for all those big wins at Wimbledon, US Open, French Open etc

Jogging on the other hand is an inefficient way of training for tennis because it enhances mainly the the aerobic energy system and uses slow twitch muscle fiber recruitment. This slow, continuous method of training takes longer to train and why would you want to train jogging for hours each week if that time could be used much more beneficial?

View the H.I.T. Tennis individual forms here…

So how to do you get started?
I recommend that you follow the X-Step H.I.T. DVD’s for an optimal workout. But if you don’t have a DVD player near by and want to train, follow these important guidelines:

Training for Endurance and Weight Loss

The best way to trim the fat when training for tennis is to do the X-Step cardio H.I.T. tennis exercises. While stepping, hold your racquet and swing every other step through a full range of motion. Start with the forehand, then back hand, forward volley and backhand volley. Then in between stepping moves, lunge off the back of your X-Step for deeper leg exercises that will boost your heart rate and metabolism even higher.

Training the Core

The core dictates and controls your entire movement between your lower and upper body. While stepping, hold the cables near your waist and rotate your body from left to right. This targets the obliques which are used throughout the majority of baseline strokes. Then add the abdominal crunches off the front of your X-Step for more intense upper and lower ab exercises. Cables can be added for additional resistance.

Training the Legs

Since your tennis goal is to be light, strong and fast, there’s no need to max out with weight at the gym. This type of training only makes for a larger muscle as opposed to a lean agile muscles. To train your muscles to be lean, fast and rapid, grab the cables while they are attached to your X--Step base and place the handles near your shoulders. Bend your knees into a semi squat position while rapidly pressing the pedals down. These are called “rapid fire squats”. And trust me, this will get your legs into shape fast!

Training for Quickness and agility

Because the X-Step allows you to perform a variety of different exercises that concentrate on a multitude of muscles, you will be able to change easily and quickly from one exercise to another. I strongly recommend that you constantly alternate upper, middle and lower body muscle groups with a short interval recovery rest in between each exercise. Because you will be changing exercises so rapidly, your muscles will remain stimulated and become alert and agile.

Training for a Quick Recovery

Your tennis fitness is truly calculated by how quickly you’re able to recover from something tough. Therefore, your training should reflect the experience on court, where you’ll only have 25 seconds to recover between points and only a minute and a half to recover between sets Depending on your fitness level, each exercise should last 30 seconds to one minute, and your recovery break should be a minimum of 25 minutes. Also your recovery rest does not mean that you stop exercising, but instead reduce the intensity of exercise by gently stepping in place on the X-Step.

Proper Nutrition

Proper nutrition is key for making sure your body responds efficiently on the courts. Make sure you follow the X-Step H.I.T. Program Eating plan carefully for the best body nutrition. And if you’re going to play a match it’s okay to take in a lot more carbs as opposed to a high protein meal. This will give you sustained energy on the courts. And make sure you hydrate your muscles with water constantly.

The X-Step Program makes H.I.T. for tennis easy!

So come on, pick up your racquet set down your X--Step and start incorporating In closing, weather you wish to power up your training to become an avid tennis player or even a strong recreational tennis player. Even if the average tennis player incorporates some of these tips into your regime, your game should improve dramatically. Start stepping on a cushion of air. You can earn more about the X-Step or purchase it here…

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Ignacio Monsalve appointed Director of Elite Tennis, Sports Training & Consumer Products

Windermere Exercise Company (“WEC”) announces that Mr. Ignacio Monsalve, the former Professional Tennis Player and veteran coach for Johnson & Johnson’s Human Performance Institute (“HPI”), will lead its tennis and fitness product expansion efforts, primarily focused on the development of health and exercise products sold on the Home Shopping Network (“HSN”), as well as via the web and retail outlets worldwide.

Mr. Monsalve, who created and developed WEC’s successful X-Step “H.I.T” program and is responsible for providing elite Tennis and athletic coaching at HPI, will officially take the position of Director in mid-August.

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