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Ignacio Monsalve appointed Director of Elite Tennis, Sports Training & Consumer Products

Windermere Exercise Company (“WEC”) announces that Mr. Ignacio Monsalve, the former Professional Tennis Player and veteran coach for Johnson & Johnson’s Human Performance Institute (“HPI”) will lead its tennis and fitness product expansion efforts, primarily focused on the development of health and exercise products sold on the Home Shopping Network (“HSN”) as well as via the web and retail outlets worldwide.

Mr. Monsalve, who created and developed WEC’s successful X-Step “H.I.T” program and is responsible for providing elite Tennis and athletic coaching at Johnson & Johnson’s, Human Performance Institute, will officially take the position of Director in mid-August.

“Ignacio not only understands exercise and tennis teaching technology in its current state, but where it needs to move,” said William Cameron, Executive Vice-President of WEC. “He will ensure that we are able to provide the type of innovative products that will position us as the leading tennis and exercise product provider for others to follow.”

Mr. Monsalve began his tennis career at a young age in his home country of Colombia, first as an elite Junior Tennis Player, then competed at the college level in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and winning numerous tournaments on the USTA circuit. He has coached at several leading tennis centers in a career that extends over a decade. He regularly speaks at forums on tennis teaching innovation and the latest training techniques in tennis and fitness. “This is a tremendous opportunity and I am excited to continue my contribution at WEC at an exciting moment in its growth at HSN. WEC’s leadership in exercise product innovation, especially as concerns our aging population, in addition to the possibilities of continued collaboration at HPI makes this an irresistible challenge. I’m thrilled to be here,” said Mr. Monsalve.

Monsalve will report directly to the President, Ms. Brenda DyGraf and will primarily oversee expansion of WEC’s on-air sales operations. He said the product development and marketing roles at WEC are particularly attractive to him, as well as the strong ties WEC has to Johnson & Johnson’s HPI excellent training facility.

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For the past 25 years, Windermere Exercise’s co-founders, Brenda DyGraf, U.S. Aerobic Champion and William Cameron have been responsible for empowering, moving and changing the health of people globally.

A short list of our life-changing products we and our partners have brought to the world include; the SuperStep, Gravity Edge, Ab Roller Plus, Revolution Cycle, Instride Walker, Lateral Thigh Trainer, Top 10 Trainer, Extender and the highly successful AirClimber family of products, featuring our new X-Step System with High Intensity Training (H.I.T.) techniques.

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Brenda DyGraf, President of WEC Announces Return to HSN

Windermere Exercise Company (“WEC”), a leader in the development and marketing of consumer exercise products announces their return to HSN and, the interactive lifestyle network and retail destination, to market and sell WEC’s products beginning in late May. The first products to launch on HSN will be the AirClimber, FitRider and SlimStrider family of products, with additional brands and product categories to be available later this year.

“Direct to consumer retailing has always been the cornerstone of our marketing and sales strategy. It’s simply the best way for us to excite and educate consumers, while at the same time making the shopping experience as easy as possible” said Ms. DyGraf, President of WEC.

WEC will continue to work hand-in-hand with their manufacturing partners, Tristar Products and Stamina Products to build innovative products and show concepts, while also having extensive involvement in the numerous shows airing on HSN.



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